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Bimonthly check in - LariLee's Hutch

Mar. 1st, 2014 12:38 am Bimonthly check in

Hello, good people!

Still futzing around with my laptop. I think it's demon possessed.

Earlier this month, I lost my cousin. At least the family let me know about it… I got to be the one to go to the nursing home and tell mom. Then we got 5 inches of snow/ice/crud and I missed the memorial service.

I feel very sorry for my aunt, because she's lost both her children now. And, I believe there may be some resentment too. After all, I'm the one who has so many health problems I could be a Lifetime movie of the week. My kidneys are going, I've already had one stroke, I've lost a leg and I'm in a wheelchair, and the list goes on. Packman, Who rode his bike all over this country and parts of Europe, has been hit by car three times, and even though he's a quadriplegic – he is still breathing.

On March 24, Mom turns 90. But I do have a good idea for her present this year. She misses Gracie, my Chihuahua – poodle mix who is also known as Heathen Butt. Because Gracie is so high strung, another term for barks incessantly, taking her to the nursing home is really an option. But I found out that you could have a photograph transferred onto a woven tapestry. So I'm hoping to get a good picture of her to put on a tapestry with "Gracie Love Grandma!" Mom can at least cuddle with her.

Nearly 4 weeks ago, people thought I was overdramatic when I said we should shoot the groundhog. Anybody think I'm being overly dramatic now? I've been housebound quite a bit this month. And we're going to get hit by freezing rain/sleet/snow yet again Monday. I guess I would be housebound anyway, my fibromyalgia is very much out of remission, and I'm feeling every ounce of pain my body can produce.

As practice for writing, I'm actually doing a Hunger Games FanFiction. It surprises me that I could write any body but Snape. For some reason a sarcastic, bitter, possibly evil character is very easy for me to Channel. I really wish I could write Tyrion Lannister. He has actually usurped Snape's place is my favorite character. But Game of Thrones is something I like to read and to watch. Harry Potter claimed my imagination and brought me into the world as a participant, whereas with GoT makes me an observer.

So, just to let people know, I'm still in the land of the living. I'm still trying to write. Once I get a chapter or two written, then I'm going to have to try and find beta readers. One who can put up with Dragon Naturally speaking. Or, considering, maybe two or three. :-)


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Date:March 2nd, 2014 09:50 pm (UTC)
Hugs. Havent found a Snape replacement and I am not really looking...

But good to hear from you.
Date:March 8th, 2014 01:53 am (UTC)
Who's to say Snape can't reincarnate? ;) But Hunger Games is a good call. I enjoyed reading it more than I thought I would.